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Facility Management

As a maintenance focussed company, we are the best choice to ensure your facilities run like clockwork. Our licensed and experienced team won’t get dragged away to work on large construction projects—maintenance is our bread and butter.

Our team of qualified maintenance tradespeople are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive facility maintenance service. If there’s anything we can’t fix ourselves—and there’s not much we can’t do—we know who can. One call to our facility manager is all it takes to get any issue resolved.

Our facility management services are highly valuable to Facility Managers of:

  • Aged care facilities
  • Private hospitals
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Facility management groups

Benefits of our facility management services include:

  • One call/email to our team and you can get back to your work
  • Low overheads mean we’re competitively priced
  • Prompt, reliable and licensed tradespeople
  • Dedicated maintenance worker available

What we do

  • Receive issue reports

    Your facility staff can have direct access to our maintenance tradespeople. We can even organise to have a dedicated maintenance worker permanently located at a facility if required. Any issues your staff encounter can be directly reported to this point of contact.

  • Diagnose issues & defects

    Our facility maintenance contact will assess and record the issue. If possible, a defect can be repaired on the spot.

  • Repair issues & defects

    If issues are more complex, we will arrange repairs at the earliest convenience, coordinating all resources and materials required to get the job done with the least amount of interruption.

  • Management of specialised trades (your own preferred suppliers)

    We have our own licensed tradespeople of many varieties, but when operating as a facility maintenance contractor, we understand that sometimes we need to work with our clients’ preferred suppliers. We are more than happy to coordinate repairs with a list of preferred trades businesses, as well as use our own tradespeople when possible.

  • Provide quotes for competitive analysis

    We understand keeping costs down means leveraging the competitive nature of suppliers. We are more than happy to contribute to this competitive process by providing quotes for services to you for competitive analysis.

  • Daily monitoring and maintenance service

    i do maintenance has existing facility management contracts for which we have a dedicated facility maintenance worker. In some cases, this worker opens the facility in the morning, closes up at night, keeps the facility tidy, and spends all day, every day monitoring the facility for repairs and upkeep.

  • Operations manuals

    In some instances, the dedicated maintenance worker will have an operations manual that will guide their daily program of works. We can assist with the creation of such a manual, or simply have our maintenance workers adhere to existing manuals.

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