Protect your staff and customers with acrylic ‘Sneeze Guard’

How to help protect your staff, customers or patients from Covid-19 with acrylic Sneeze Guard.

If you own or operate a pharmacy, medical practice, supermarket or any other kind of retail outlet where visitors interface with your workers, the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is no doubt having a profound impact on your business. One of the major risk factors threatening these organisations is the spread of the virus from employees to customers, or vice-versa.

Managers are required to do whatever they can to protect staff, customers and patients from possible exposure to the new pandemic at the point of sale or entry/exit threshold. Sometimes this includes the installation of a protective screen — commonly known as a ‘sneeze guard’ — between the workers and the visitors.

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Our team members are equipped with all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning resources required to work in any challenging situation. We also have systems in place for tools and equipment to be sanitised at the end of each day.

Sneeze Guard at Hampstead Medical Centre

Sneeze Guard we recently installed at Hampstead Medical Centre, Adelaide

More about sneeze guard

The idea of a sneeze guard is not new. The products have been around a long time and have many names and are often referred to as sneeze guard, sneeze screen, cough guard, cough screen and protective screen to name but a few.

These barriers are usually constructed with a simple sheet of glass or transparent plastic (acrylic/perspex) which is mounted to a counter top near the area where employees and visitors come into closest proximity. This separation barrier provides protection from the transmission of the virus in the instance that either the worker or visitor is overcome by the sudden urge to cough or sneeze.

There are a range of off-the-shelf products on the market, but custom barriers which are designed to suit unique customer service counters are sometimes also installed.

Whilst you can buy the off-the-shelf products online, you may still need someone to install them. i do maintenance has the ability to design, source, supply and install the entire system for you—across your entire premises and at multiple locations if necessary.

Why choose us?

i do maintenance is a property maintenance specialist with significant experience in the health and retail sectors.

We have experience in facility management particularly in regard to assisting hospital facility managers so they can focus their time on running their care-focussed operations and managing staff, not worrying about the upkeep of the building facilities.

We also often assist retail franchise owners with general store maintenance and commercial kitchen cleaning services. This has given us significant experience working in retail stores and adhering to food health and sanitisation requirements.

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