Six key benefits of outsourcing facilities maintenance

Outsourcing your facilities maintenance means handing over the reigns to an external partner, rather than trying to get the job done internally.

You may think it’s better to have in-house facility management, but outsourcing can actually see you reap many short and long-term benefits for your business.

Many businesses are already making the transition to outsourcing facilities maintenance. Here’s why.

Time is money

Facilities management is a huge responsibility that can often consume a lot of your time, meaning you’ll neglect or deprive other important tasks. An outsourced facilities manager will clear up your schedule and allow you to focus on what you do best – serving your customers and growing your business.

The cost of outsourcing your facilities management will be significantly less than if you try to implement the processes yourself and train staff members to complete the jobs internally. Do a little exercise – count the cost of staff time spent of facilities management – you’ll likely be surprised at the significant resources you’re investing each week.

So, with you and your team re-deployed to more important areas of your business, and experts taking care of your facilities, you’ll be unlocking productivity and profit.

Enjoy top-quality service

Outsourcing to an expert team ticks off every point when it comes to overall performance.

It makes sense to hand over the tasks to the specialists who have plenty of experience, better resources and can complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Their expertise means you can rely on them to produce great results and deliver a high-quality service.

You can also trust that they’ll be up to date with the latest technologies, systems and training required, while is important as the facility-related needs of your organisation will continue to evolve.

Daily tasks of a facilities manager may include checking supplies

Adapt and respond

Organisations are always subject to change, whether it’s a shift in needs, operations, or even staff. Fortunately, an external facilities management team has the ability to adapt their services and keep up with any organisational changes.
Especially in post-pandemic times, we’re seeing changes to physical workspaces, a shift in space utilisation and more employees working from home. So, it’s even more important to use an outsourced service that is equipped to quickly pivot and handle these changes. Particularly if the in-house staff who previously took care of these jobs are now having to work remotely, an outsourced team can become very handy.

Deal with additional responsibilities

Further, COVID-19 has placed even greater importance on premium facilities management and put more responsibility on organisations to provide facilities that are at the highest level of safety and compliance.

If you’re managing this internally, there are greater risks. The rules and recommendations are constantly changing, it is hard for many business leaders and managers to keep up. An outsourced team takes this burden for you, and you can be sure that the experts in this field go over and above the ever-evolving requirements.

Uphold consistency

While organisations will constantly evolve, one thing you can control is your facilities management. Building a relationship with an external team and handing over management responsibility ensures the delivery of service remains consistent, and removes the ‘ups and downs’ that often plague internal teams based on their workloads and schedules.

Find the right outsource team

You can establish a collaborative relationship between your employees and an outsourced provider.

If facilities management has become a headache or you think you may be able to do it better, talk to I Do Maintenance about your outsourcing options.

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