Six facilities that benefit from proactive building maintenance

All buildings benefit from proactive building maintenance, whether its small businesses or major government buildings.

Keeping your building in great shape and staying one step ahead of any issues improves productivity, prolongs its lifespan and enhances the value to both owners and occupiers. It also helps keep property owners ahead of the ever evolving obligations and expectations that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For these six types of facilities, proactive building maintenance is particularly important.

1. Commercial facilities

Proactive building maintenance for commercial properties and facilities is key to maintaining a high property value and growth in capital gain. It is significantly less expensive and time-consuming to frequently inspect and address any repairs or upgrades that arise from early on. Being proactive with your commercial property maintenance keeps tenants happy and their businesses functioning. And when it’s time to sell the property, you can attract high quality buyers and a great price.

2. Food franchises

For major food franchises like McDonald’s and KFC, safety and productivity are the utmost importance. Proactive building maintenance allows all health and safety protocols to be followed and fire risks to be minimised. This is especially important for kitchens that run 24/7 and are subject to a lot of wear and tear – proactive maintenance keeps the facilities in great shape.

3. Government

Government buildings cater to the broad community and must be kept in the best condition possible. Whether it be post offices and libraries, services such as Centrelink or agencies like the Australian Border Force, proactive building maintenance builds trust and allows the public to feel safe and comfortable in these facilities. It enables risks can be effectively managed, which is especially important as the community holds its governments to high standards. Many government buildings are also historical, so proactive maintenance helps to preserve these buildings and maintain their appearance.

Consulting with facilities management on maintenance needs

4. Businesses and corporate clients

No matter the size of your business or corporate organisation, proactive building maintenance is imperative to your cash flow and operations. Reactive maintenance can result in minor issues turning into major repairs that are disruptive to your business, increase your expenditures and, worst case scenario, shuts your business down for an extended period. Ceasing operations for even a day can be devastating and send small businesses into financial trouble.
Reputation is also everything, and your building is often the face of your business, so it pays to keep on top of your building maintenance.

5. Residential buildings

Residential buildings such as houses, townhouses and apartments all require proactive maintenance to ensure residents are provided safe, comfortable and clean living conditions. Being reactive can mean extreme disruption, increased health risks and other logistical challenges for residents. But it’s not just the physical building and interior that proactive maintenance covers – outdoor landscapes, gardens and other facilities all benefit from your forward thinking approach, too.

6. Hospital facilities

Proactive building maintenance at hospital facilities ensures health and safety regulations are met and enhances patients’ experiences. Keeping patients in a high-quality environment can improve the progress of their health while also increasing the productivity of staff.

Key maintenance elements that can be addressed from the get-go include water and air quality, electrical and water systems, heating and energy usage. Major health risks, such as fire outbreaks, decay and exposure to chemicals or bacteria, can also be eliminated on a regular basis.

On the other hand, troublesome repairs resulting from a reactive approach would require significant expenses and the sacrifice of vital resources, along with the stress of disturbing patients and moving them to a new location.

Conducting facilities maintenance at health facility

Equip your facilities with proactive building maintenance

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