Have your solar panels ever been cleaned?

Many people don’t give much thought to their solar panels after installation and forget that they need to be cleaned regularly in order to work effectively. Since they are exposed to natural elements, solar panels get dirty very quickly from dirt, dust, pollen, tree and bird droppings, pollution and traffic staining and this is not always effectively cleared by rainfall. The accumulation of dirt, dust or soiling on your solar panels affects the system’s performance and reduces your anticipated savings.

According to research studies conducted by SEPA Solar Electric Power Association and various other organisations, regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance can actually improve the efficiency of your solar panels by up to 30%. I do maintenance can now offer you a 12 monthly routine clean that will not only improve and maintain the efficiency of your solar system, but will also prolong its life span.

Book a solar panel clean today and let i do maintenance help you to get the most out of your investment so that you can continue to enjoy your clean, green, alternative energy system for years to come.