Does your commercial kitchen need a professional clean?

As a kitchen manager, keeping your commercial kitchen fresh and tidy is one of your top responsibilities.

Not only does a clean kitchen ensure food and personal safety, but it also increases productivity, reduces food waste and makes you and your employees feel better in the workplace.

But when should you be giving your kitchen a professional clean? There’s a big difference between quickly wiping over a surface and giving your kitchen a good, thorough clean.

Many commercial kitchens will only undergo one professional clean annually, but we believe this is just the bare minimum.

Here are some key considerations to help you decide if your kitchen needs a clean.

What does your kitchen look like?

In a kitchen that’s constantly used for long hours at a time, it can be easy for grease and oil to build up on the walls, appliances, fryers, hot plates, extractor hoods, canopies and other kitchen surfaces.

If you find that traces of oily residue remain even after wiping over these surfaces, then your kitchen is definitely in need of a service. It’s also not uncommon for these grease build-ups to occur in places that are less visible and overlooked, so leaving your kitchen for extended periods of time without a professional clean will be detrimental.

Commercial kitchen maintenance chip frying in foreground

What does your kitchen smell like?

Smell is a huge indicator of your kitchen’s desperate for a professional clean. If there is an unpleasant, mouldy or musty odour lingering in your kitchen, then it’s time to take action.

Food debris and mould can create a stench anywhere in your kitchen, but hotspots will often be the canopy range-hood, sink or fridges.

A funky smell from your sink means there’s probably a large amount of food, grease and oil that’s clogging up your drain. If it’s coming from your fridges, cool room or freezers, keep an eye out for rotting food, mouldy shelves, an unattended spillage, or even dirty and broken seals.

Generally, a consistent smell cannot be resolved with a standard, end-of-night clean – it will likely require professional investigation and attention.

Have you checked beneath the surface?

Just because your kitchen looks clean on surface level, doesn’t mean there aren’t nooks and crannies with filth.
Managers can often miss the important areas, especially on the floor and under machinery, fridges or benches. Even electrical sockets and switches can collect dust and grime.

Have you checked the exhaust systems?

Your kitchen canopy, exhaust systems and grease filters are an important hotspot in the kitchen which can have the biggest consequences if left untouched.

These filters are constantly taking in grease-filled air, which then causes an accumulation of oil and grease within the exhaust ducts and canopy range-hood. Sometimes this isn’t even visible and you won’t realise just how much has built up, which is why it’s so important you target this area.

This mess will eventually degrade the effectiveness and appearance of your canopy. But more alarmingly, the build-up is highly flammable and a huge safety hazard for your employees and customers.

Commercial kitchen maintenance check exhaust systems

Do you have a cleaning system?

As the old cliché says – prevention is better than cure. As a kitchen manager, you shouldn’t allow your kitchen to reach these unsanitary levels in the first place. Hygiene should be your top priority and adopting regular cleaning practices will ensure your kitchen looks as good as new.

Consider noting down every time your kitchen undergoes a deep clean, and use daily, weekly, monthly or annual cleaning checklists.

Give your commercial kitchen the best treatment possible.

As a kitchen operator, you can have a million tasks on your mind and sometimes the hidden mess gets looked over. But while it is your duty to take care of your kitchen, you can share the responsibility with the team at I Do Maintenance.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning specialists know what to look for and how often to look for it. We’re experienced in cleaning commercial kitchens to a professional standard – and at a price that you can afford.

Why choose us?

i do maintenance is a property maintenance specialist with significant experience in commercial kitchen cleaning.

We often assist retail franchise owners with general store maintenance and commercial kitchen cleaning services. This has given us significant experience working in retail stores and adhering to food health and sanitisation requirements.

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